Recap: #LegalTechChat Twitter Chat with NetDocuments' Peter Buck & Artificial Lawyer's Richard Tromans

May 22, 2019
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Earlier this month, Diligen hosted our fourth #LegalTechChat Twitter Chat on Legal AI: "Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask". The chat was co-hosted by Peter Buck (@backofthenapkin; NetDocuments' VP of Product Strategy) and Richard Tromans (@artificiallawya; founder of Artificial Lawyer). Legal professionals from across Twitter joined the chat, sparking great conversations and introducing compelling new ideas.

Here's a collection of our favourite responses. If you're interested in joining the next #LegalTechChat on Twitter, follow us at @diligensoftware for updates on our next Q&A session.

Q1: Why even use AI in your law firm? Where do you start?


Q2: The controversial question: when will reasoning be replaced by machines - 1 year, 2 years, never?


Q3: Speaking of machine reasoning, what does success look like when using AI systems?

Q4: What about the upfront cost and training time vs benefits of AI? What are some AI project management tips/best practices?

Q5: How do you charge AI-assisted work to clients? What does the future hold in this regard?

Q6: Which law firms are using AI effectively right now? Tag them in your response.