Epiq Partners with Diligen to Launch AI-powered Contract Review and Analytics for Clients in Canada

December 4, 2019
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TORONTO, ON -- December 4, 2019 -- Epiq, a global leader in the legal services industry has partnered with Diligen, the award-winning machine learning-based contract review platform, to leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) for faster, more intelligent contract review in Canada. Epiq’s Canadian clients will now be able to leverage industry leading contract review technology without the need for any technology implementation, resulting in a significant reduction of overall contract review spend.

Epiq has deep experience applying advanced analytics to eDiscovery matters for the benefit of its clients, using AI in over 1,000 matters in the past year, spanning an array of litigated matters, regulatory reviews, and internal investigations. Based on immediate demand from Canadian corporate and law firm clients and as part of its expanded AI initiative, Epiq is including the new Diligen-powered contract review service within its technology portfolio available throughout the country.

“The Diligen platform and its review capabilities align very nicely with our contract review services, enhancing the overall output and results for our clients,” stated Carla Swansburg, vice president and general manager, Epiq Canada, who has been leading the development of the new Epiq contract analysis offering in Canada.

“We are excited to partner with Epiq with the goal of providing law firms and legal departments with more efficient, fast, accurate and affordable ways to gain insight into their contracts,” stated Laura van Wyngaarden, Diligen co-founder and COO. “Epiq’s global, scalable review and project management capabilities and experience, combined with the Diligen machine learning contract review platform enables clients to experience the power of AI tools without significant internal technology investment or required domain expertise.”

Epiq is using Diligen to provide high quality and efficient contract review based on the AI tool’s ability to ingest, review and pinpoint data in hundreds of contracts within minutes. Epiq’s highly experienced project management and scalable document review teams will manage the review, provide quality control, extract clauses requiring manual intervention, and provide detailed reporting and metrics about client contracts.

According to Ms. Swansburg, managing contracts is a significant pain point for Epiq’s corporate and law firm clients. “We are often asked to review contracts to ensure compliance with changing regulations, to uncover specific issues in legacy contracts or to assist with ongoing contract review. Combining our review expertise with Diligen’s advanced AI and ML technology platform allows us to provide a unique and cost efficient solution. Our clients already trust us with their eDiscovery work so we see intelligent contract review and analysis as a natural extension.”

Popular use cases for intelligent contract review by Epiq include transactional due diligence, NDA reviews, employment contracts, lease reviews, financial services contracts, vendor contract management and contract lifecycle management migrations.

With this new partnership in place, Epiq clients in Canada don’t have to procure, implement or train their own instance of AI-based contract review tools. The same applies to larger law firms who might have purchased AI technology but are not adequately resourced to best leverage these tools.

For more information on this new offering please join us for our webinar in January.

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From small legal teams to the largest firms and corporations in the world, Diligen is a contract assistant powered by AI and machine learning that provides high-quality contract review, helping to cut review time in half by automatically identifying key provisions, generating summaries and helping teams manage the contract review process. Diligen’s AI platform has been trained by experienced lawyers and allows legal teams to tackle the increased volume of contract review without adding additional resources or requiring current resources to work around the clock. For more information about Diligen, please visit www.diligen.com.

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